If you’re a veteran with the energy and motivation to enter the commercial marketplace, we have resources and networks to help you start a business. Our managers are all entrepreneurs with a track record of creating and managing businesses, large and small.

We know the leadership and organizational skills you learned in military service are critical to success in the business world. That’s an advantage when you encounter challenges and competition.

Our resources are focused on helping veterans succeed. We leverage programs in the Veterans Administration and the Small Business Administration to put the full power of those agencies to work for those who have served the nation in uniform.

We reach others who also want to help. They include universities and colleges with education and training programs tailored for entrepreneurs. We use our VETS connections to help them understand and tailor veteran-oriented classes and workshops.


Already started a business? We can help you grow your company faster while maintaining a solid reputation in the community. Many small veteran-owned businesses hit a wall when they’re trying to grow. A lack of management skills is often a barrier to continued success.

Our foundation has mentors who will help a growing business find and get the additional resources they need to maintain momentum. We can connect veterans to SCORE Certified Mentors in most parts of the United States. SCORE members are all volunteers and many are also veterans who want to help their former comrades-in-arms achieve commercial success.

A lack of growth or operating capital is often the largest challenge to small business. The Veterans Commerce Foundation plans to accept applications for financial assistance in 2018. We will support qualified veterans in business with grants, loans and equity investment from Foundation resources and the participation of others.


As all veterans learn, our shared active duty experiences teach us many things about completing a mission and how to deal with others. Our military experiences help us develop important personal attributes such as teamwork, leadership, motivation and dedication to successful outcomes.

Sometimes these valuable personal skills are not enough to compete successfully in the “civilian” world after our military service ends. We need specific knowledge to get on a rewarding career path. That’s where quality career education and training step forward to supplement or create our transition back into civilian roles.

Our foundation is dedicated to creating profitable opportunities for veterans who want to move forward in civilian careers. We work closely with a wide range of educational institutions and technical skills providers to help veterans convert their military service into rewarding careers.

We encourage all veterans to explore the thousands of opportunities that are available to help develop and enhance the experiences of military service into satisfying future goals in their communities.


There are many worthwhile charities that support veterans. The majority focus on providing services to veterans with combat disabilities and to the loved ones of those who paid the ultimate price with their lives. We recognize and applaud these groups as well as the various government agencies and veteran service organizations whose primary mission is to provide this much-deserved personal support.

The Veterans Commerce Foundation supports what we believe is another critical need for veterans: the creation and operation of profitable businesses and training for rewarding careers.

Veterans served our nation with honor. Many just need a ‘hand up” –but not a hand out–to utilize their motivation and ability to become successful in business. By creating new jobs and growing the economy veterans in commerce continue their service to our country.


The Veterans Commerce Foundation was created by veteran business owners to help other veterans succeed in creating and growing their own firms. We welcome your questions and your financial and active support of our mission. If you’d like to know the many ways you, your company or your colleagues can participate in VETS programs, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Thank you!

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